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What People Are Saying About the AV3X DVD

This DVD is amazing, if feel relaxed after watching just a few minutes.  The soothing lights and sound blend together.  This DVD also helps me unwind and fall asleep quicker. I some times have trouble sleeping and this DVD has really helped out.  The quality and colors are so vibrant and soothing.  Thank you.
Eric J. S (Austin TX)

I am a chronic insomniac. Recently I was hit by a week long bout of sleepless nights. I had tried everything, warm tea, relaxation candles, soothing music, even one of those, “sounds of nature” cd’s.  Nothing worked. I would spend my nights trying to relax enough to let my mind calm down and get some rest. Invariably, I would end up clodding off to work, a sleepless zombie in a button down. During my fourth day in a row without much sleep, I was shown a sample of AV3X, and after only a minute or so of watching it on a small screen with no sound, my legs got wobbly and numb. I left for home with a copy in my bag. That night I played AV3X on my computer. I woke up still sitting in my computer chair. After trying every insomnia remedy I could think of, AV3X worked! I would recommend AV3X to anyone who like me, has spent a day as a sleepless zombie.
Douglas W. Smith (Dallas, TX)

Have finally had time to sit down and watch Vol.2 and it is wonderful, all I could have hoped for and so much more. Hard to describe how it can make you so relaxed and at the same time exhilarated and awed, but you managed it. I have a light and sound machine which I love, but this is SO much better. I will be making more time to watch it regularly. I wish you well for the future.
Kind regards, Irene

I must say, this product is absolutely fantastic. I have had severe anxiety and insomnia issues for most of my life, and while av3x did not magically cure me, it eased my troubled mind and let me glide peacefully into one of the best nights of sleep I’ve had in years. The state of mind this DVD put me in was fantastic. I felt my mind slow down, my breathing decreased drastically. All my limbs felt like they weighed millions of pounds. I was for the first time in my life completely at peace with myself and my surroundings. I have never felt something as powerful as this. To those of you who are reading through these reviews debating whether or not you should invest in this product, all I can say is to me it was worth every single penny. –
Mike C. Morley  (New Jersey, USA)

Absolutely marvellous – with this disc, I have surfed new dimensions of mind, met God God and angels, dived into the deepest oceans, drifted among the stars and flown above the clouds in the sky.  No other meditation product I’ve bought previously has touched this product.  Worth every penny.
Paul Gilmartin, (U.K.)

What I love about this DVD is that you have to do absolutely nothing to go into trance. Just put the DVD in and watch it. You don’t need to try to meditate.
A. Salem, (Dallas,TX)

The package arrived promptly and I had the opportunity to experience it a few nights ago. I must say it was way beyond my expectations and I send you and your colleagues my warmest thanks for making this possible for all us. The visuals and music helped me settle down quickly when I go about my contemplative meditation while my wife, after watching the 1st 10 minute segment, had the deepest sleep in a long time.
Luke Chen (Singapore)

I have been into personal development stuff for over 20 years, and have tried or used just about every product on the market. By far, this DVD is the best relaxation meditation DVD ever made. There’s nothing like it and it’s worth every penny. Buy it NOW!
James E. Fortin, Hypnotist and Public Speaker (Dallas, TX)

One of the finest energetic experiences of my life. This audiovisual DVD is a superb work of art. Mr. Oliver weaves a magnificently brilliant tapestry with colors, sounds, music and imagery. This is a gift of love.
Loren Kyle (Dallas, TX)

Feed your brain with sound and light!  In just a few minutes  it gets me so chilled out that it is hard to peel myself of the chair.
Johnathan L. Woods (Barstow, CA)

I have been practicing and teaching Yoga and meditation for almost 40 years and have found that playing this dvd just before I meditate is extremely helpful in slowing down my mind and helping me to enter into a meditative state. Also it is wonderful to just relax with.
Marty Soloman

Literally within seconds of sitting down in front of a tv or a monitor, you can feel the effects of this DVD.  This is an amazing technology and I’d recommend it to anyone!
R. Jaffe

Initially I thought that maybe it was just some sort of gimmick, but I can honestly tell you that this DVD will virtually in an instant completely chill you out. The visuals are absolutely stunning, and the sound goes along with it perfectly (unlike many other such videos). You can’t go wrong with this one…
“Media Man” (Toledo, OH)

For any of you who are seeing this product and wondering whether to buy it or not, just buy it. This movie is beautifully crafted with great sounds and beautiful visuals. I hope this review helps you in your decision. Don’t you think everlasting relaxation is worth a small price?
Jared S. Delaney (Fayetteville, AR)

This just plain exceeded my expectations. Similar New Age stuff is usually more hype that results. I tested this when I got home and had been stuck in traffic and after just fifteen minutes I was very relaxed. I am very pleased with the results. If you need a little help relaxing or taking the edge off a really tough day this movie is exactly what you need. I rate it a buy.
Gary White

 It’s unbelievable how easy it is to relax from a stressful day in the “modern” world – just by watching the AV3X DVD !
R.G. (Olathe, KS)

“My first thought, was “This is wacky.” My second was “Am I doing this right?” My last thought was “That was incredible.”
– L Orchard, Social Entrepreneur
Idea Orchard, LLC

“AV3X is truly amazing! I have always wanted to learn to meditate, but never took the time. With AV3X I don’t have to learn. I just play it and get into a deep relaxed state.”
Diane Vecchio, Bohemia, NY

“I was skeptical when I bought this DVD, but it proved me wrong the first time I used it. The breathtakingly beautiful visuals and calming audio made it very easy for me to relax after only 10 minutes! I have been struggling with insomnia for years, so AV3X is worth its weight in gold to me. A nice little bonus is the vivid dreams that come after you watch this DVD. 🙂 Thank you Mr. Oliver… Kira AynArtist, Hartford, CT
TurtleKiss Fine Art

“I use AV3x as a relaxation tool all the time. AV3x will blow your mind, not just because it is so cool to watch, but because it actually works! Pop in the DVD, press Play, and Relax. How easy is that?”
Jamie Ratliff Administrator

“It’s my morning meditation. AV3X is one of the simple pleasures I have to ease through the darker bits and make the day go by a little smoother–guaranteed! Every time I use it, I still enjoy it just as much as I did the first time I saw it; which is an impressive effect to have on a Harvard film-major who’s techno-visualization savvy. I bought 7 copies to give as Christmas gifts. AV3x is a truly unique and highly accomplished piece of 21st century art. I feel lucky to have found out about it, so now I’m spreading the word…”
 Jonathan Michaelson, a.k.a. Icarus  Consultant

I watch AV3X almost every day. It does a great job of inducing a meditative state in just a few minutes, and a major bonus is that it’s such a pleasure to watch. The visuals are amazing. I used to watch another meditation video which I considered quite beautiful; now that I’ve been watching AV3X, I’ve found that the other video pales in comparison. “AmyStar” (USA)

I started watching the video and was immediately drawn into it but at first my eyes did hurt a bit. My husband started watching it but left the house, I said I was going to watch it for a bit and then get some work done. That was my plan. Needless to say I remember about 15 more minutes into the video and the next thing I knew i saw my husband looking over me saying, “Have you been here this entire time?” Well, i had been! I had been there for over 2 hours oblivious to the world around me. If you need to relax, this is better than anything I have ever tried…anything :)! It is truly amazing!
Suzanne Vaughn-batiz “Meditation Junkie” (Dallas, TX)

I have always wanted to learn to meditate, but never took the time. With AV3X I don’t have to learn. I just play it and get into a deep relaxed state. This is totally awesome!!!
Diane Vecchio (Bohemia, NY)

This DVD is an amazing tool. I call it a tool because the pulsing patterns help to tune your brain and set it to a calmer state of mind. A perfect blending of sight and sound actually created a 3d like effect while I felt myself tone down and relax.
I own a lot of graphic videos but this by far is the best quality for not only visuals and sound but for overall effectiveness. I HIGHLY recommend it. It is worth more then twice the price of admission. OK now that I’ve said all this I think I have to go watch it again:)
Alex Pearlstein (Reading, Ma United States)

I’ve only had one experience with this DVD, but that was enough for me to want to buy it. Its serene colorful meditative visuals put the mind at ease after a long day of stress and is a perfect background for creative work of any kind. I congratulate the creator on a wonderful job of picking just the right amount of visual / aural activity so as to draw the mind in, but still keep it in a meditation state.
Naru Sundar (Pasadena, CA United States)

What a brilliant and awesome DVD this is! I am so impressed by this DVD~ it is incredible to view, and superbly made. The beautiful images and sounds are very soothing to my eyes and ears, relaxing me instantaneously; The colors are very bright, clear and vivid…they become alive; At times, I felt as if I was flying to the center of the universe, in a hypnotic fashion…I was mesmerized! I have never seen anything like this before~ it’s amazing!
I would, without hesitation~ recommend the AV3X to anyone
Tiffney (TX USA)

It is quite refreshing to find a producer who takes his or her audience seriously and with respect. For those explores out there THIS IS A MUST DVD.
M. Ariani (Alexandria, Virginia United States)

The music, sounds and visuals are just for interest, and they *are* very interesting, and draw you into the experience. Bottom line: buy it. Seriously. You’ll get the effect every time you watch it, don’t worry. And you won’t believe how well you’ll sleep that night!
John Marc Green “book_gnome” (Pelham, AL United States)

If you’re trying to recapture the heyday of the ’60s this is it. While fully capable in the realms of relaxation and mental atonement, this stuff is also really reminiscent of the psychedelic (is that a word?) of the 60’s. Now I can cancel my prescription. Just pop in the dvd. Doesn’t even require a computer, though I find it cool to play on my laptop too. Each program is different, and there’s even a continuous play mode. It’s so easy. No more light machines with all the wires and stuff. This is great. My only question is: Will there be a sequel?
The Reverent “Mike” (Santa Cruz CA)

I’ve been a student of self hypnosis and relaxation techniques for a few years now and I wish I had this DVD when I started my exercises. Watching the computer generated random images and listening to the sometimes nature sounding, sometimes techno background music puts me into a somnolent state very effectively. Within the first few moments of each section, I didn’t even notice the light flashes for the FFR portion of the DVD. After a hard day at the office this can really unwind the kinks that you build up. I feel refreshed and ready to do or get things done instead of playing the couch potato game. I very enthusiastically recommend this DVD if you’re interested in a relaxation tool to help you. This is definitely it.
N. Nutt “warthoglette” (Kansas City, MO USA 

I have been interested in binaural beat technology for a while now. I have experienced its effectiveness many time, but none of that prepared me for this amazing DVD. The first thing anyone notices upon playing this video is the amazing visual effects. They immediately have a soothing effect that can hardly be described with words. However, the experience soon goes beyond that. By the third track on this DVD, I felt as if I could not move even if I had wanted to. I was riveted in my seat and noticed that my breathing had slowed. I felt as if I were in a deep trance and actually part of the images that were flowing on my television screen. Unfortunately, I fell alseep sometime during the fourth track because of the immense relaxation that I was experiencing. I’ve only made it through the entire DVD once since that first viewing.

I know that people who have no experience with this type of technology may be extremely skeptical, but I urge you to try it before making any rash decisions or dismissing it as impossible. Much research and science has gone into producing this DVD, and the effects of that careful preparation is immediately evident by the results. I have found no greater tool for meditation or relaxation to date and highly doubt that anything can surpass it. To get all this at a fraction of the price that this technology usually carries with it is all the more reason to purchase this DVD immediately. In summary, I HIGHLY recommend buying this DVD if you enjoy feeling relaxed and at total peace with the world. This is like a technological prozac, and I, for one, am addicted!
Lori Richards (Mooresboro, NC United States)

This is what video technology was invented for! Christopher Oliver has established a new standard for audio-visual excellence. This is certainly a worthy DVD for anyone seeking meditation and relaxation aides of the highest level of quality. Its nearly sublime beauty is matched only by its deep-reaching psychoactive potency.You will love this DVD.
Morpheus (SE USA)

A must buy DVD. Out of this world,peaceful relaxation. A masterpiece!!!!!
Rusty Clark (NC).

The visuals are breath taking. You can’t keep your eyes off them. In just five minutes, you will find that your mind gently slips deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation and meditation. What is remarkable about this DVD, is that you don’t have to know anything about how to meditate. All that you have to do is turn on the TV!
Jeff Labno (Los Angeles, CA United States)

WOW WOW WOW…. I just finished watching the AV3X DVD for the first time… it is so worth the money.

It is great. I am having a meditation group in our 55+ condo rect center on Thrusday’s and I will be using this with the group to just get them relaxed. Thank you so much. Words can not express how wonderful this DVD is.
Arianna Christiano (Maderia Beach)

This is the most simple meditation method I have ever tried. Just dim the lights, pop in the dvd, kick back and watch. If you don’t own it… get it…. you won’t be disappointed. Best Money I ever spent.
Brad Mannion (Banning. Calif.)

I work an insane night shift in a warehouse. I need to fall asleep when I get home, but sometimes I’m still all worked up. When I can’t sleep, I pop in TV MIND MACHINE…. and let me tell you, i’ve blanked out everytime. As a matter of fact, a few times I recall saying, “this stuff doesn’t really work” and then blam, I’m comotose sleeping. I still haven’t gotten to the end of any of the therapy sessions yet. I’ve let some of my friends who suffer from severe insomnia borrow it and it worked for them too.

When I was doing research on mind machines and different relaxation products, I was very fortunate to stumble upon the AV3X Mind Machine, especially for such a fair price. I typically use this DVD when I want to take a nap or prepare to sleep. Even after a very stressful day, the AV3X allows me to quickly experience deep relaxation – and the whole process is effortless. All it takes is to sit back and just observe the unique audio and visual images. In no time, despite how worked up I might be, I’m able to rid my mind of stress and get some badly needed rest. The customer service is terrific also. I can tell you from personal experience that the creator and seller of this DVD cares about his customers and is a class act. I highly recommend this product, because there’s really nothing else like it. Its all I expected, and a whole lot more – it really works!
V. Messner (PA, United States)

I could not believe how relaxed I became when I watched this DVD for the very first time – it is incredible! After a long day at work, I have found this to be the BEST way to unwind and relax…for me, it is now the ONLY way to melt all of my stress off.  If anyone is thinking about buying this DVD, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it in a heartbeat – I feel the AV3X is worth far more than what you would pay for it. The results are amazing! I feel very fortunate to have found the AV3X – it really does work to the extreme; if anyone asks me, I would tell them to GO BUY IT NOW!
Sue (TX, USA)

I was a bit skeptic when my friend mentioned he had a DVD that would help me relax AND boost my creativity at the same time. It sounded like some infomercial sales pitch – but now I understand his excitement to pass this on to me. I’m a full-time student as well as a freelance developer, and it really helps. I come home from class a little frazzled from the hustle and bustle and the long drive from school, put in the DVD and just relax for a good 10-20 minutes. My stress melts right off, and I’ve got my creative gears spinning to boot. It took a few minutes the first time to get over my initial hesitation – I’d never done anything like this before – but the flow of the music and visuals eventually worked their magic on me and I was convinced.
surya (Camarillo, CA United State