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LoopLogic EEG Neurofeedback Clinical MP3 Set - Dual Binaural Beats
The 515 LoopLogic is a 74 minute, 37 track set of MP3s of dual binaural beat audio frequency sessions. Each track is 2 minutes long, with track 1 being in the 1Hz. frequency range, track 2 being in the 2Hz. frequency range and so on, to track 37, which is a 2 minute audio session in the 37Hz. range.

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Virtual 515 Mind Machine - Dual Independent Binaural Beat Technology
Christopher Oliver and Michael Landgraf, developers of the 515 Dual Independent Binaural Beat Generator, present a new concept in mind machines: Virtual 515 Mindmachine MP3 Set. The 515 mindMachine turns any Mp3 player into a powerful mind machine.

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Ocean Sleep MP3 Instant Download
Deep delta brainwave frequencies blended with a collage of ocean sounds for a peaceful night's sleep.

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Light and Sound Voyager
Brainwave enhanced music for your mind machine journeys.

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Padre Island - Ocean Relaxation MP3 instant Download

An original recording from the creator of AV3X relaxation technology, Mr. Christopher Oliver.

Enjoy the soothing sounds of Gulf Coast surf in amazing 3D sound with this unique recording made at Padre Island National Park in Corpus Christi, TX. This is the first CD in the Texas Nature Series by Christopher Oliver.

Experience 3D sound! Listen with headphones and hear the waves come toward over and past you!

Relax and enjoy the sounds of nature, Texas style!

Time: 71:07

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Synthesizers from Outer Space - Brainwave Enhanced Soundscapes
Synthesizers from Outer Space is a special 10th anniversary collection of visionary music created by mind machine pioneer, Mr. Christopher Oliver. Even 10 years after their creation these pieces are still ahead of their time.

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The Sounds of Mono Lake
Welcome to Mono Lake. If you have ever spent time here, these sounds will be familiar. They will assist you in visualizing Mono Lake's age old beauty and the splendor of the surrounding landscape.

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