AV3X Vol. 2 - Visualization Deep Relaxation DVD Video

AV3X Vol. 2 - Visualization Deep Relaxation DVD Video

AV3X Vol. 2 - Alpha/Theta Brainwave Deep Relaxation DVD Video Available EXCLUSIVELY on AV3X.com !

Relax deeply, boost creativity, and relieve insomnia with AV3X Vol. 2 - "An Audiovisual Trance of Meditative Relaxation"

Track          Title                 Time
I         "Expanse"             9:50
II       "Illumination"      11:08
III       "Ascension"       16:52
IV       "Epiphanies"      15:44
V        "Continuum"        9:

This DVD is in NTSC format.   REGION FREE
Run time: 60 Minutes of Deep Mental Bliss
Widescreen 16:9


Over 3 years in the making,  AV3X Vol. 2, the second DVD in the AV3X series, builds on the AV3X technology with evolved all-new kaleidomorphic visuals and all-new transcendental soundscapesAV3X Vol. 2 takes the art form to a new level. Viewers of AV3X Vol. 1 will be pleased by the refinement, evolution and smoothness of the visuals.  Experiencing AV3X Vol. 2 is like discovering what AV3X can do for you AV3X all over again.

"It is my personal recommendation that you see AV3X Vol. 1 before AV3X Vol. 2.  It is the best way to maximize your experience, enjoyment, and your appreciation of both AV3X DVDs."
-Christopher Oliver, creator of AV3X

AV3X Vol. 2 has five all-new presentations and a total length of sixty minutes. All five presentations use controlled frequencies of light and sound stimulate Alpha/Theta brainwave activity which has been scientifically proven to be associated with...

  • Deep relaxation

  • Meditation

  • Creative thinking,

  • Visualization

  • A sense of well-being,

  • and many other beneficial states of mind.

Create the ideal environment for your AV3X experience:.

For best results, view AV3X DVDs on television with stereo sound. Dim the lights and close and curtains closed making the room as dark as possible.

Sit comfortably, press play, then sit back and enjoy the colors, sights and sounds of the as the light and sound stimulation communicates with your unconscious mind. You will feel the stress relief calming effect within minutes of using the most powerful relaxation video ever created.

All Orders Include One FREE Pair of Kaleidovision Glasses.  These glasses provide a fun alternative viewing experience.
Use of the glasses is optional as they are not required to receive the benefits of the AV3X experience.

To get the maximum deep relaxation and brainwave stimulation you must enable pulsed light mode from the DVD menu system.

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