The TV Mind Machine

Alpha-Theta Brainwave Entrainment – Virtual Mind Machine on DVD

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AV3X Digital Meditation technology will turn your TV into your own personal mind machine!  Using multiple powerful brainwave entrainment techniques AV3X is unmatched in its ability to bring you into a state of deep, meditative relaxation in just minutes.  AV3X is the only product of its kind using audio-visual brainwave entrainment on DVD. With AV3X “The TV Mind Machine” you can turn any television set or computer into your own personal light and sound mind machine.

AV3X Digital Meditation in Just 3 Easy Steps:

1. Simply place the DVD in your DVD player and turn on your TV

2. Put on the supplied “Kaleidovision Glasses” (optional)

3. Turn off the lights and get ready to feel the stress melt away…Effortlessly!

Free AV3X Demo Video: “Exploration” from AV3X Vol. 1
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This powerful technology can change your state of mind…
and transform your mood
from stressed to bliss
from confused to calm
and transform chaotic thoughts into a feeling of inner peace.

What is AV3X Digital Relaxation DVDTechnology?

* Scientifically Validated Technology – Pulsed light stimulation, isochronic brainwave tones and quadrasonix dual binaural beats
* Immersive Alpha – Theta Brainwave Stimulation
* Easy to do, Gets fast results… Plus it’s entertaining
* Lush, Engaging Visuals and Soothing, Peace Inducing Soundscapes
* Enter Quickly into a Deeply Relaxed State of Mind
with less effort than you ever dreamed possible
* No Special Training or Conscious Effort is Required
* High quality cutting edge brainwave technology at an affordable price.

What’s required in order for me to get Real Results?

Do you have a Television with stereo sound? (Headphones are NOT required)
Do you have a DVD Player?  Or computer with a DVD player?
Are you willing to sit down and watch TV?
AV3X Digital Meditation is really this easy.

If I Use Your DVD, What Will I Get Out Of It?

Thanks to the scientifically proven brain wave stimulation technologies: frequency controlled flickering light, spectacular visuals based on chaos mathematics, dual binaural beats (Quadrasonix), nature sounds and soothing atmospheric music that are incorporated into AV3X… simply watching the DVD will stimulate new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres otherwise known as “Brain Entrainment.” Brain Entrainment often results in Whole Brain Functioning.

Whole Brain Functioning often results in improved memory, a deepening of intuition, new levels of creativity and an unparalleled ability to R_E_L_A_X.

A simple willingness to relax using AV3X on a regular basis can catalyze new levels of Personal Growth, Self-Awareness, and Lower Stress.

Simply Lowering your Stress Levels can often contribute to significantly positive changes in mental and emotional health.

Anyone seriously interested in optimum health and well-being will quickly decide that AV3X is a valuable part of their holistic tool bag.

It’s like hitting the reset switch in your brain!

Learning meditation can be like climbing a steep mountain…

Wouldn’t you rather just ride the ski-lift to the top?

Let the AV3X Digital Meditation DVD do the work for you while you sit back and relax effortlessly! Most people had no any idea just how deeply relaxing and therapeutic the AV3X Digital Meditation Experience was….Until they tried it for themselves! Try my acclaimed DVD for 30 days without any risk whatsoever. Only then will you understand. Order your personal copy of the AV3X DVD. Don’t let another day go by without combating stress…

When your DVD arrives, turn down the lights till it’s dark, like a movie theater. From the menu, select “enable light stimulation mode” for optimal effect. Put on your pair of Kaleidovision glasses that come with your DVD. Then sit back and prepare yourself for…well, this thoroughly delighted customer can express it better than I…

“One of the finest energetic experiences of my life. This audiovisual DVD is a superb work of art. Mr. Oliver weaves a magnificently brilliant tapestry with colors, sounds, music and imagery. This is a gift of love.”Loren Kyle, Dallas, TX

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And this is just one of the thousands of thrilled users who have accepted my money-back offer and are now reaping extraordinary benefits, simply because they took the initiative to try something new. And now you can, too, when you order your copy of the AV3X DVD

It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced!

Here are some of the breakthrough benefits this new technology offers you:

  • Deep therapeutic relaxation that soothes, restores and revitalizes
  • Engaging imagery, music and pulsating light that saturate the senses
  • Immediate melting away of tension, stress and anxiety
  • Stimulation of neural pathways for whole brain functioning
  • Improved memory, deepening of intuition and new levels of creativity
  • Restful, calming effects that help you fall asleep at night
  • The tool that you use every day to keep deadly stress far away!
  • No special training, conscious effort or exertion required
  • And much more!

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RISK-FREE copy now.

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“A must buy DVD. Out of this world, peaceful relaxation. A masterpiece!”
Rusty Clark, NC, USA

AV3X can be used on a daily basis—as little or as much as you like—without diminishing its powerful and therapeutic effects!
There are six different tracks, each with the ability to lift you up to AV3X’s higher level of meditative consciousness, so you can vary your experience from day to day. Or, you can view the entire program on an endless loop.

“Absolutely marvelous. With this disk, I have surfed new dimensions of mind, met God and angels, dived into the deepest oceans, drifted among the stars and flown above the clouds in the sky. No other meditation product I’ve bought previously has touched this product. Worth every penny.”
Paul Gilmartin, U.K.

Given the unparalleled relaxation and stress-busting capabilities of AV3X technology, there’s absolutely no reason why anyone should have to endure the day-to-day rigors of life without the total relief, entertaining escapes and mind-expanding experiences this remarkable DVD offers.

And there’s no reason you should risk anything to try it! Remember, you have a full 30 days to use and enjoy your new AV3X DVD. If for any reason you’re not completely thrilled, simply return it for a full refund.

Order today and take advantage of the limited-time, special discount prices we’re extending to our online customers on AV3X Vol. 1 and AV3X Vol. 2 DVDs. Or you can order both and save even more!


“The state of mind this DVD put me in was fantastic. I felt my mind slow down, my breathing decreased drastically. I was for the first time in my life completely at peace with myself and my surroundings. I have never felt something as powerful as this.Mike C. Morely, NJ, USA


AV3X is the brainchild of Christopher Oliver.

Christopher Oliver is America’s foremost developer of motivational and meditational brainwave technologies. Often referred to as “America’s Mind Guru”, Christopher has created the programs for many of the most popular light and sound mind machines ever made. These machines cost hundreds of dollars and have been popular worldwide for well over a decade. These include the Nova Pro™, Galaxy Pro™, Nova Pro 100™, Luma10™, Halcyon™, 515™, 515H™, Innerpulse™ and more… 

Christopher Oliver is also the author of Baby Sleepytime, Hatherleigh Press (Oct. 2007) distributed by Random House Publishing and available in bookstores now.

Now you can get the best of Christopher Oliver’s brainwave technology technology in DVD format!

  • QUADRASONIX Technology: 4 specially blended stereo audio tones that can generate up to 6 brainwave entrainment frequencies in open air that work without the need for headphones.

  • Frequency controlled light stimulation: ONLY AV3X has it.  Audio CDs CAN’T DO IT!  Frequency controlled light stimulation was the first fully proven and scientifically validated type of brainwave entrainment.

  • AV3X Visual Stimulation:  The constantly evolving polymorphic imagery of AV3X is derived from nature’s own mathematical formulas. These stunning abstract simulations of molecular and cosmic forms are both fascinating and deeply comforting to experience.

  • Soothing music and real nature sounds:  Abstract, mind expanding soundscapes blend the sounds of nature with psychoacoustic sounds to create a mind altering audio experience.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to combat stress and change your life for good!



Christopher Oliver
Creator, AV3X Digital Meditation Technology

P.S. Not only are our customers raving about the AV3X DVD, look what the experts are saying:

“The AV3X DVD is safe, effective and offers a truly enriching and transcending mind/body stress-reducing experience. I recommend it with great success, to my patients suffering anxiety symptoms.”Nicholas Soffron, Ph.D., A.M, Psychotherapist

* * *

“I’ve had some incredible mind-expanding voyages with this masterfully-crafted DVD.”

David Jay Brown, author of Mavericks of the Mind

* * *

“An enjoyable mind-ride of instant relaxation.”

Michael Landgraf, author of Mind States

* * *

“The visuals are simply stunning!”

Zoe Seven, author on shamanic mind states


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Act now to begin a healthier lifestyle of relaxation and inner peace.  AV3X Digital Meditation Technology is powerful, life changing, and backed by our 30 day money back guarantee!


FEATURED ON G4TV’s Attack of the Show 8/27/2008!  “Using AV3X to enhance vivid and lucid dreaming”


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